Advice Column

So I'm starting this page cos I love to help people and i thought that it would be nice to give people advice and all. I am hopefully going to post things like life hacks, revision tips and anything you need help with!!


A note on beauty...

(Go punch it in the face)
I have posted this as a normal post but I wanted to also put it on my advice column so...
Read this. Take it in. Realise that hundreds of bloggers write about this thing because it is an issue that needs addressing - beauty. What is beauty? I am both amazed and horrified that one small word can change so much. But really? Everything is beautiful and special in its own way and no-one has the right to change that. Things are the way they are and that's just the way it is. So stuff people who judge you and pressure you into being someone else because you are you and you look like you and you should be you. Be your own kind of beautiful. Beauty isn't about how you look on the outside - it's how you really are on the inside. Love one another and treat others how you would expect to be treated. Find something nice to say to people and it will brighten up their whole day because you made them feel special. Unique. And that's how you should view yourself. Yes, we have flaws but so does everyone else and your flaws are not what define you. Also - don't change for anyone. You are beautiful. We are all beautiful. So there.



So I posted a schedule then din't stick to it. I'm sorry but I've been so busy with revising it's unbelievable. I started this blog as something to do - to fill the time. As a kind of hobby I suppose but there just isn't anytime. But my exams are soon so after that I should be running at full speed!!
So on the topic of revising, I thought I might give you some tips on it.

1. First of all, relax! Trust that you have already learnt everything you need to learn and all you are doing is revisiting that information. If you have a plan - whether that be in your head or on paper - you will be alright. You just need to settle down into a nice routine and sought everything out in time for the exam. Which leads me into my next point...

2. Make sure you know when your exams are so you can prepare yourself in advance. I think it is best that you do your revision over a period of time - 2-3 weeks is good -  rather than cramming it into the last couple of days. This means, like I said before, that you will settle into a routine. Also, you can highlight the things that you need to work on most and still have time to fully understand that subject. Make sure you look over your revision notes just before you exam so you don't forget anything though!!!

3. It is also a good idea to ask your teacher what to revise. They will often have a ruff idea on what topics to look back over and it's useful to know because there is know point revising absolutely everything and wasting your time!!! So write down a check list of everything you definitely need to revise and do that.x

4. But how can you revise? There are many different ways and different subjects need their own specific way of revising so you learn the most that is possible. A most popular one is to use old papers to familiarise yourself with the way you will be questioned. You can get these for free all over the internet and print them off. Most of them even come with a mark scheme. I find these best for maths, english and often science. Another method is to make sought of booklets or guides. Make notes and put key facts in big bubbles on the age. Use different colours and have a bit if fun with it. Then read it over before going into the test.

5. And one more thing, there is no point beating yourself about revising. Yes you need to work hard but not so much that you are exhausted. After all, the more tired you are, the less information your brain is going to take in.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you take everything on board. You may have noticed that this is an advice column post and today is meant to be a general post but I couldn't think of any other subject to talk about so stuff it!!!
Good luck on your exams,


Life Hacks

So today is Tuesday - advice column! I thought I'd give you a few life hacks to help you out. I have now set up a pinterest account. Just search Sophie Stephens! I have pinned many a life hack on there  - some of which will feature in my blog. I haven't posted many myself but I'm getting there!!!

These life hacks are a tad random I'm afraid. But I've tried to find ones that will really help - let me know if you've never heard any of these and if they help you out at all.x

1. Life hack number one is something I think helps. I think it will work for some and not for others unfortunately but it's worth a try! If you have the hiccups, inhale through your mouth then swallow two to three times without taking a breath. The breathe out of you nose slowly.

2. If you have a sore throat try eating some cucumber. Apparently it cools down your throat but I've never actually tried it - let me know if it works!!

3. If you don't like the core of strawberries, use a straw to push it out. Begin from the bottom and push up until it removes the leaves from the top.

4. If you have a stuffed nose, push your tongue up against the bridge of your mouth and push you finger between your eyebrows. Hold for 20 seconds and it clears your throat!! I have tried this one and it works to a certain extent.

5.If your struggling to remeber a word, clench your fist. It has been proven to increase brain activity.

Bonus hack!
When searching for information to use for school work, use to find more relevant information than simply

Hope these help!!


Some Advice

When your sad you have your friends - but not always. Chances are your going to end up in a situation when you start to stare in the mirror wishing you were smaller. When you start to become paranoid about what people say behind your back. When you start to wish you are invisible. You can surround yourself with friends who truly do care and love you. That will help. But it won't fix it. Not always. You need to learn to love yourself. Get up off the ground and fight your corner because you are worth it. You always have been, you always will be. You matter. If not to someone else but to yourself. Because there is no one in the world like you. You don't have to be beautiful and intelligent for others. Be beautiful inside for yourself. I know everyone always sais this but that's because it's true. No matter what happens you will always have you. It is up to you to except who you are and understand that you are the one that needs to plant yourself on a road that you are comfortable following. One of my favourite quotes at the moment is; "when there is darkness, look for the stars." That is so true but sometimes you need to make your own stars.
It was just one of those days...
Love Sophie.x