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Book Reviews

This is the second half of the collab with Arabella - our monthly book reviews. Here is mine...
The Divergent Series By Veronica Roth
Recently, I have started to read the divergent series again. It was a long time since I read the books so I don't remember the exact story line and I have heard the films (which I have watched recently) are very different to the books. The divergent series is a fictional tale - spread over three books with a fourth spin off.  It is set in a futuristic world that is subject to all the usual sufferings and troubles. But what sets this world apart is the strong and amazing characters that fight strong and hard for what is right.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys creating a whole world in their head with the help of words. The book provides an escape with different problems and worries that can capture and excite you. If you have read and enjoyed either the hunger games or the maze runner then you will feel right at home with this book an…

Book reviews

Hi guys. Arabella and I have teamed up again to do a book review, (our first post together was a Q&A). Today is Arabella's turn and tomorrow you'll get to here mine. Enjoy!

Hiya all, Arabella here from Acting Natural. I’ve got a cool, non-fiction book for you all today that I’m going to do a mini review on. It’s a book that’s really excited me and I hope that it’ll do the same for you guys as well!
LIVE TO GIVE By Austin Gutwein.

LIVE TO GIVE is Austin’s second book, take your best shot being his first. However, you don’t need to have read the first one to understand this one. It’s a book all about discovering and unpacking the unique gifts and skills that God’s given each and every one of us. Wrote by a teenager for teenagers, Austin explores how even a small gift, that might seem useless in our own eyes, can have such an amazing impact on your own life and especially in the lives of your neighbours, if you just give your gif…


I think God is important. Not everyone does. This post is about my connection with God. It's not to meant be a self centered post - many feel very similar to me. This post is about informing everyone, even those who don't believe in God, about why I (and many others) follow God's teachings.  So I hope this posts helps everyone to understand a bit more about religion as a whole.

In this post I talk more about the Christian faith - specifically protestant. This is because that is the religion I follow. However, this post can relate to any religion. Don't let yourself fell excluded and son't feel like I am pressuring you to follow a religion. This is to inform people.

Why you should follow God - or any religion.
For me, God is a comfort. Knowing that I can turn to him means that I never feel alone. The bible also helps me because when I'm not sure which way to turn or how to act in a ertain situations, I can consult it. This helps me to feel confident in my actions…

Q and A with Arabella

Hi there all!
Arabella here from Acting Natural. Today Sophie has very kindly let me take over her blog for a bit to answer some questions about myself and an area that I hold very closely to me, what’s being body positive.
As Sophie mentioned in her other post, we’ve teamed up to do some book review and thought it’d be good to do a quick Q&A first. At the end, I’m going to put a link and a bit of information at the end about my blog. So, I’m going to stop rambling and jump right into the questions for you.

1. Why do we need to talk about being body positive?
Right now, technology is moving forward so quickly, i's the norm for us to have a phone, tablet or laptop and people from younger ages are having assess to this equipment. This is cool and great but it also means that access to the internet and social media is far easier than ever before. There's an increasing amount of pressure being put on to girls and guys or anyone else to be a certain way, especially in their bodie…

Questions and Answers from Acting Natural

Good day/evening/middle of the night!! Today I have some questions from Acting Natural and these are my answers...

1) How would you describe yourself as a person? I would say I am bubbly and energetic a lot of the time but often I am reserved and someone who listens. Sometimes I have moments when I stand back and look hard at who I am and who I want to be. This usually makes me feel a bit sad because I feel like I’m a different person to what people think I am. But I hopes this changes – I’ve got awhile and I will try to evolve my personality over time so it reflects me more.
2) Do you have any role models?             I think a really big role model for me is Emma Watson because of her activist work but the people around me in everyday life – such as my friends, family and teachers – play a big part too.
3)Have you ever moved to a new house or changed school? If so, do you think this has changed you as a person and how?             I have moved 3 times but I only remember the most recent o…


Originally, I started this post with a rant about the weather. Then I realised that there are definitely some better things to talk and complain about. I feel like a lot of privileged people (not all) complain so much about so little and they just need to open their eyes and realise what's going on around them. And I'm not having a go at those people. When it comes down to it, I can often be that way. It's so easy to fall into little habits and forget about the big picture.

Well I hope that gave you something to think about. Now on with the post. 
Today I had my hair cut. My hair used to be just below my shoulder and now it is a hairline bob. For me, this wasn't much of a change as about year ago I did the same thing. I had my first fringe cut in since I was two but again, it's not that big of a deal. However, having my hair cut made me think about the way hair is represented and how it represents the individual. Especially in being 'feminine' or 'masc…

Let's change things up...

Recently I haven't posted at all. My last post was on April 19th. That's 40 days ago. I think it's because I just haven't found my niche. I know that to find it I need to persevere, but for me to do that, I have to be interested and I just wasn't. So I've changed it up a bit - new look, new theme and, hopefully, a new drive to post and share my thoughts and experiences. I feel like I've come along way since I first started this blog and I really haven't been sharing that like I thought I would, I read my first post and I suddenly feel inspired to be who I want to be. Shout at the top of my voice and not care who hears because even though I said those things at the beginning, I've been so worried about upsetting people or being judged. I can't let that happen. So, I will start again. Pick myself up. That doesn't mean I'm going to drop everything I've achieved though. I'm just going to try again. I hope that I carry on posting... T…

Work out

Recently, I have becoming more self-conscious of the fact that I barely ever work out! I cycle to school and back every day though so it's not too bad but I'd like to do a bit more. So today I found some different work outs and believe me - everything hurts!! I did quite a tough one today, trying different things out but I've now drawn up a schedule which means it won't be too difficult to juggle homework, exercise and having fun.
Anyway... Till next time
Sophie xxx
(I'm trying to post almost everyday now which is why this post is so short!)

Car Journey

Hi.x I've just been on a 4 and a half hour car journey to Wales and it was exhausting. Some how I always get more tired riding in a car the whole day thatn if I were doing something productive that you would think needed lots of energy. Living in the south of England with family in Wales means that I am used to this kind of thing but still.
Whenever I'm in the car I have a few things I always want to get done and I'm convinced I'm going to do. I've made a list...  - Finish my music theory  - Write a blog post  - Do some homework  - Do some computer programming  - Read a book Pretty simple write? Not much and plenty of time. Wrong! This is what I actually do in the car...  - Make a nest out of pillows and blankets  - Watch pointless movies  - Read a book for 5 minutes then feel sick  - Waste all my phone data watching you tube  - Attempt to sleep So you see? I do try to be productive but it's always really hard.  About thatlast point too. I never seem to be able…

Please, don't judge me

Don't judge me because I'm
Or pink

Don't judge me because I'm
Or in-between

Don't judge me because I'm
a girl
a boy
or someone else

Don't judge me even when you've
met me
loved me
and known me

Don't judge me even when I've
hurt you
judged you
or pushed you away

Do not be quick to make assumptions
Only assume
I have a past
a beginning

please... do not judge me.x

Wow so,  my first poem. I used to hate poems but then I realised that they could be used to express things that long paragraphs couldn't. I never really plan any of my blog posts. There all written on a whim. This one is no exception. That doesn't mean there is no effort in them though. No matter what I'm posting, I work hard on it. So just bear that in mind.

My first story time...

Ok so recently I have been absolutely obsessed with The Gabbie Show! I have watched so many of her videos and my favourite are most definitely her story times. I thought it would be a good idea to try this as my original idea for having my blog was to vent some of my angers. But I'm always so afraid of who is going to read it or who is gonna be offended. So I'll change the names obviously and I will try and leave a rather large space between the incident happening and me writing about it.x So here is a story about P.E. Sorry if it seems a bit silly and that I'm complaining about the stupid little things but remember I'm only a teenager- and a young one at that so give me the benefit of the doubt!
At the time (absolutely ages ago now! lol) we were doing gym in P.E. Annoyingly we were mixed with the boys. Boys are a pain. I mean girls are too. But in different ways. At the end of the lesson, we were all packing away the mats. You have to work in pairs to lug the mats ove…


Another post with input from my friends. This time, all about their opinions on religion.
Lottie celebrates Christmas and Easter but other than that doesn't know what to believe in. She recognises that religion often causes wars. We can't stop religion and you should be able to believe what you want to.
Lizzy said that you can be who you want and believe what you want as long as your not harming others. You should also respect others. It is your own opinion. She thinks religion is a good thing because it gives you something or someone to look up to and it introduces you to a close community. Religion also teaches you how to behave - many of those teachings being valued in society today.
Emmy doesn't believe in God but she does believe in Kharma and rebirth. She isn't a Buddha though. You can have a mixed view on religion as it is your own opinion.
Charlotte said that everyone should respect people because everyone is different. Charlotte is an atheist but she does beli…

Using calendars

Just a short post today! This is another episode for the organisation series written by Lottie. She decided to write about calendars so here we go...
Using calendars is good because often you are able to hang them up which means they are write in front of you at any time. Often I [Lottie] forget to use my planner as it could be in my bag or tucked away somewhere, but with a calendar hanging in front of you, it's hard to forget.
My calendar is your average calendar. Each day is separate then I have a note section at the bottom, I use sharpies to write on my calendar. You could colour code, but personally I don't.
I think calendars are one of the better ways to organize but it all depends on you and the methods you prefer!
Thx for reading,
Thank you to Lottie for contributing that for my blog! Be sure to check out my other posts and if you need any advice, email me at
Love Sophie.xx

10 songs

Hi guys. A slightly more cheerful post today hopefully. I'm going to put my music on shuffle and see what songs pop up, writing them down each time.x Lets see what comes up...
 - The first one is Changing by Paloma Faith. I love her. She's such a strong singer and you can really get into the swing of her music. I think Changing is a fairly old song though so I'm not sure what she's like now.
 - Next is Let Her Go by Passenger. I love this song so much. I've completely forgotten about this one for such a long time and listening to it now brings back so many amazing memories. I really want to learn how to play this on the keyboard now! At the moment I'm learning All of Me by John Legend so one thing at a time.x I'm just going to listen to the beautiful lyrics now...
 - The next song that pops up is Track 7. It's from my clarinet grade exam that I'm doing in the summer. It's quite a nice piece. A Minuet and Trio by Mozart. You can probably guess wh…

Some advice...

This time lets skip the intro...
When your sad you have your friends - but not always. Chances are your going to end up in a situation when you start to stare in the mirror wishing you were smaller. When you start to become paranoid about what people say behind your back. When you start to wish you are invisible. You can surround yourself with friends who truly do care and love you. That will help. But it won't fix it. Not always. You need to learn to love yourself. Get up off the ground and fight your corner because you are worth it. You always have been, you always will be. You matter. If not to someone else but to yourself. Because there is no one in the world like you. You don't have to be beautiful and intelligent for others. Be beautiful inside for yourself. I know everyone always sais this but that's because it's true. No matter what happens you will always have you. It is up to you to except who you are and understand that you are the one that needs to plant yo…

Drugs and Alcohol

First of all apologies that I have been missing days but you have to understand that this is expected. I have so much homework nowadays! Also, I'm not going to be doing the 30 day challenge thing anymore as not all of them are entirely suitable for this blog. I will try and blog as often as possible though.x enjoy.
I wasn't originally sure about doing this one. I haven't had much experience with drugs and alcohol other than the stuff they teach. But I decided I would give it a go...
I asked a few of my friends their opinions on the matter and this is what they told me,
 - Lottie thinks that, unless it is useful medicine, drugs should not be used. She also said that alcohol is okay as long as you are careful. Oh and also, don' drink and drive!
 - Lizzy said that you shouldn't take drugs and drink too much alcohol as it is harmful to you and others. It can effect you in a serious way. For example, if you drink too much you can sometimes forget what you have said or d…

In 10 years time...

So I've already managed to miss two days of blogging. Ooops. I'm not too upset about it but I am hoping I'll get into the swing of things. The next challenge on the list is to write about were you'd like to be in 10 years but first I'd just like to mention a few things.
1. I'm listening to Disney songs and there still really cool! Don't judge.xx
2. I am trying to set up an agony aunt page. You have probably noticed that most of my posts end up moving towards the advice side of things and I would really like to set this up. If you want some advice, email Make sure to change names and things so people don't recognise you.x
3.Can I say something crazy?
Will you marry me?
Can I say something crazier?
(from for the first time in forever in Frozen)
On with the post...
So I'm only 13 a the moment, which would make me 23 in 10 years. I can do maths people.x I think at that point I still want to be experimenting and growing up…

30 day blog challenge!!-being single.x

Hi guys! So I decided that i wanted to commit to my blog that little bit more.I feel like I have barely posted on here and those posts have been a bit stiff. It's time to let loose!! Enter... the 30 day blog challenge! Things like this are all over pinterest. I just chose one and there we go. The first day is as follows: 'Write about your current relationship, if you are single discuss how single life is'.
So, here I go...
At the moment, as you probably guessed by the title, I am single. It's great. Seriously. Sometimes I do kind of long for the attention and excitement relationships bring, but often they can be a bit stressful. I'm only in year 8 so relationships are just a big bundle of awkwardness. Out of my group of friends, I'm probably the most likely to date anyone at the moment but, thinking about it, I much prefer the company of my bestest friends than a boyfriend (or girlfriend)! There are pros and cons to dating people, and at my age, there are a lit…


This is the second 'episode' in Lottie and mine's organisation series. We hope you are enjoying it and if you haven't read the first one yet, click here! This week we are talking about Money and budgets. we have a few tips to give you to make sure your not bankrupt all the time! Enjoy...

Tip no.1
Use a notebook to record everything you buy and all of your pocket money that you get. Also, make sure you have a running total so you know how much you have. Pinning receipts into this notebook is also helpful to keep track of were you spend your money most. Here I drew up an example of how you might lay it out but you can experiment using whatever you wish. I did make it up so apologies if the amounts are wrong!!

Tip no.2
Have a purse with loose change in it. That way if your ever stuck in an emergency you have something with you at least. I always keep a maximum of £5 in there so not much. Often loose coins as well. I don't know how useful it would be to you guys but tr…


Today I have some help writing this post from my friend, Lottie. We are launching a series all about organising! This post is all about keeping track of homework and handing it in on time.

The first method is the cork-board...
Set up a cork board with three different columns. I use post it notes to label each section but any piece of paper would do. You could also use a chalkboard or whiteboard. I recommend having three columns...
- Homework that you have just been set and you still need to do! Update this every time you come back from school.
-Homework that is in progress. If you have a project for example that you have started but haven't finished, write it in this section.
- And homework that you have done. By using this section it helps you to have a sense of achievement. Once you have handed in the homework you can remove it from the column.
This is the board that I use...

The other method is to use a planner or diary and some coloured pens...

Use a planner to write down ALL …

Life hacks

(advice column)

So today is Tuesday - advice column! I thought I'd give you a few life hacks to help you out. I have now set up a pinterest account. Just search Sophie Stephens! I have pinned many a life hack on there  - some of which will feature in my blog. I haven't posted many myself but I'm getting there!!!

These life hacks are a tad random I'm afraid. But I've tried to find ones that will really help - let me know if you've never heard any of these and if they help you out at all.x

1. Life hack number one is something I think helps. I think it will work for some and not for others unfortunately but it's worth a try! If you have the hiccups, inhale through your mouth then swallow two to three times without taking a breath. The breathe out of you nose slowly.

2. If you have a sore throat try eating some cucumber. Apparently it cools down your throat but I've never actually tried it - let me know if it works!!

3. If you don't like the core of str…


(Advice column)

So I posted a schedule then din't stick to it. I'm sorry but I've been so busy with revising it's unbelievable. I started this blog as something to do - to fill the time. As a kind of hobby I suppose but there just isn't anytime. But my exams are soon so after that I should be running at full speed!!
So on the topic of revising, I thought I might give you some tips on it.

1. First of all, relax! Trust that you have already learnt everything you need to learn and all you are doing is revisiting that information. If you have a plan - whether that be in your head or on paper - you will be alright. You just need to settle down into a nice routine and sought everything out in time for the exam. Which leads me into my next point...

2. Make sure you know when your exams are so you can prepare yourself in advance. I think it is best that you do your revision over a period of time - 2-3 weeks is good -  rather than cramming it into the last couple of days. T…