Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Using calendars

Just a short post today! This is another episode for the organisation series written by Lottie. She decided to write about calendars so here we go...
Using calendars is good because often you are able to hang them up which means they are write in front of you at any time. Often I [Lottie] forget to use my planner as it could be in my bag or tucked away somewhere, but with a calendar hanging in front of you, it's hard to forget.
My calendar is your average calendar. Each day is separate then I have a note section at the bottom, I use sharpies to write on my calendar. You could colour code, but personally I don't.
I think calendars are one of the better ways to organize but it all depends on you and the methods you prefer!
Thx for reading,
Thank you to Lottie for contributing that for my blog! Be sure to check out my other posts and if you need any advice, email me at frecklesnstars@gmail.com
Love Sophie.xx

Friday, 17 March 2017

10 songs

Hi guys. A slightly more cheerful post today hopefully. I'm going to put my music on shuffle and see what songs pop up, writing them down each time.x Lets see what comes up...
 - The first one is Changing by Paloma Faith. I love her. She's such a strong singer and you can really get into the swing of her music. I think Changing is a fairly old song though so I'm not sure what she's like now.
 - Next is Let Her Go by Passenger. I love this song so much. I've completely forgotten about this one for such a long time and listening to it now brings back so many amazing memories. I really want to learn how to play this on the keyboard now! At the moment I'm learning All of Me by John Legend so one thing at a time.x I'm just going to listen to the beautiful lyrics now...
 - The next song that pops up is Track 7. It's from my clarinet grade exam that I'm doing in the summer. It's quite a nice piece. A Minuet and Trio by Mozart. You can probably guess what it sounds like just from that! It's so annoying listening to these tracks sometimes because it's almost impossible to sound as good as the artist!
 - Next is Chocolate by The 1975. I have such random songs on my phone! I don't even know who the 1975 is. But there pretty good. It sounds like a boy band with one singer - I think - there much better than one direction! This song makes me think of a long country drive, the world rushing past you. It's just that kind of song.
 - Now we have Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer. I'm definitely not one of those girls who are absolutely mad about boy bands. I always find they sing about the same things, breakups and lost love but I think I can make a small exception for this song. This is the kind of song that you'd play on loop after a break up just to make yourself feel worse - who else does that?
 - And guess whats next - We are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. Again, it's bringing back so many memories. Music always does that for me. I remember when this was my favourite song, when I hated it. Now, its still a tad bit annoying but it's also kind of sweet. It just lays it down flat how long ago stuff happened - Taylor never sings like this anymore - and I've grown up so much since I first discovered this song.
 - Next, Kisses for Breakfast by Melissa Steel and Popcaan. I didn't even know I had this one. I swear I am listening to this for the first time! It has a really nice beat to it and you can start to get into it really well.
 - Shake it off by Taylor Swift. This is a proper dancing one. I thinks that's all I have to say. I'm starting to get into this task a bit too much and I'm too busy bopping away to the music!
 - Lana Del Ray. Yayo. Lana has such a unique style to her music. It's something so original to listen to. I think it's really worth listening to the lyrics carefully, in all Lana Del Ray songs. There always seems to be so much more to them than what originally appears.
 - And to finish off, Bang Bang by Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. Were do I start? From start to finish this song just hits you. It doesn't give you time to think, just whisking you away. This music is about having fun and not having a care in the world.
So there's the 10 songs that came up when I put my phone on shuffle. Feel free to comment what your favourite song is and if you need any advice, email me at frecklesnstars@gmail.com
Lots of Love Sophiexxx

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Some advice...

This time lets skip the intro...
When your sad you have your friends - but not always. Chances are your going to end up in a situation when you start to stare in the mirror wishing you were smaller. When you start to become paranoid about what people say behind your back. When you start to wish you are invisible. You can surround yourself with friends who truly do care and love you. That will help. But it won't fix it. Not always. You need to learn to love yourself. Get up off the ground and fight your corner because you are worth it. You always have been, you always will be. You matter. If not to someone else but to yourself. Because there is no one in the world like you. You don't have to be beautiful and intelligent for others. Be beautiful inside for yourself. I know everyone always sais this but that's because it's true. No matter what happens you will always have you. It is up to you to except who you are and understand that you are the one that needs to plant yourself on a road that you are comfortable following. One of my favourite quotes at the moment is; "when there is darkness, look for the stars." That is so true but sometimes you need to make your own stars.
It was just one of those days...
Love Sophie.x

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Drugs and Alcohol

First of all apologies that I have been missing days but you have to understand that this is expected. I have so much homework nowadays! Also, I'm not going to be doing the 30 day challenge thing anymore as not all of them are entirely suitable for this blog. I will try and blog as often as possible though.x enjoy.
I wasn't originally sure about doing this one. I haven't had much experience with drugs and alcohol other than the stuff they teach. But I decided I would give it a go...
I asked a few of my friends their opinions on the matter and this is what they told me,
 - Lottie thinks that, unless it is useful medicine, drugs should not be used. She also said that alcohol is okay as long as you are careful. Oh and also, don' drink and drive!
 - Lizzy said that you shouldn't take drugs and drink too much alcohol as it is harmful to you and others. It can effect you in a serious way. For example, if you drink too much you can sometimes forget what you have said or done. This could destroy friendships and even lives.
 - Emmy said that you shouldn't take drugs as they can kill you - bad ones that is. And don't over do it on the alcohol. Keep yourself safe.
 - Charlotte said that drugs shouldn't exist in the first place except for medicine and again, don't go over the top with the alcohol.
I personally think drugs are definitely a bad thing. They rip families apart and they have a lot to answer for. I understand they can't simply be eradicated from the earth as the people that produce them are often so desperate, that making them is their only source of income and survival. So I think there should be measurements but in place to help those people. But somehow there isn't.
As with alcohol, I think it's alright, as long as your careful with it. And that is up to the person who is drinking the alcohol.
I understand that not everyone will agree with me and I totally get that. Whats your opinion on drugs and alcohol? Leave a comment down below and if you want, how old you are. I wonder if there's a pattern on what people think depending on whether or not they can drink.
If you want to ask me any questions, you need advice or you want to request a post, comment down below or email me at frecklesnstars@gmail.com
Lots of love Sophie

Sunday, 12 March 2017

In 10 years time...

So I've already managed to miss two days of blogging. Ooops. I'm not too upset about it but I am hoping I'll get into the swing of things. The next challenge on the list is to write about were you'd like to be in 10 years but first I'd just like to mention a few things.
1. I'm listening to Disney songs and there still really cool! Don't judge.xx
2. I am trying to set up an agony aunt page. You have probably noticed that most of my posts end up moving towards the advice side of things and I would really like to set this up. If you want some advice, email frecklesnstars@gmail.com. Make sure to change names and things so people don't recognise you.x
3.Can I say something crazy?
Will you marry me?
Can I say something crazier?
(from for the first time in forever in Frozen)
On with the post...
So I'm only 13 a the moment, which would make me 23 in 10 years. I can do maths people.x I think at that point I still want to be experimenting and growing up. I am thinking that I really want to be a midwife but I don't want to settle down too soon. I don't know. The problem is, I'm still fairly young  and I don't think it's quite the right time to start making plans. I think its best to just go with the flow of things. If you plan out everything in front of you, you have no chances of making amazing, spontaneous choices that change you as a person forever. Obviously, don't leave everything to chance. You do have to plan things to a certain extent but ten years is a long way away. I've only just about lived for ten years!
So there's my answer. Something slightly different I think.I have a funny habit for not answering questions directly and going for the obvious answer.
Requests for posts are very welcome. If you don't want to right to my agony aunt page, and want your piece of needed advice to be a post that's fine.x Just leave a comment down below.
Love Sophie.x
Look for the bare necessitiesThe simple bare necessitiesForget about your worries and your strife....

Thursday, 9 March 2017

30 day blog challenge!!-being single.x

Hi guys! So I decided that i wanted to commit to my blog that little bit more.I feel like I have barely posted on here and those posts have been a bit stiff. It's time to let loose!! Enter... the 30 day blog challenge! Things like this are all over pinterest. I just chose one and there we go. The first day is as follows: 'Write about your current relationship, if you are single discuss how single life is'.
So, here I go...
At the moment, as you probably guessed by the title, I am single. It's great. Seriously. Sometimes I do kind of long for the attention and excitement relationships bring, but often they can be a bit stressful. I'm only in year 8 so relationships are just a big bundle of awkwardness. Out of my group of friends, I'm probably the most likely to date anyone at the moment but, thinking about it, I much prefer the company of my bestest friends than a boyfriend (or girlfriend)! There are pros and cons to dating people, and at my age, there are a little more cons than pros but that should be something that you decide at the time that a relationship ends up on your doorstep.x
My advice to anybody out there would be to do what feels right. Love and relationships isn't something that can be planned. Also, if you are in a relationship, don't forget about your friends - there the ones you'll fall back on when things go wrong and if you neglect them they won't be there.x
So there's my relationship advice!! We've had some pretty could weather today, considering I live in England and it's March! Of course, I was in school so I didn't get to enjoy that much of it but ah well.x
Till next time...
Love Sophie.xxx

Saturday, 11 February 2017


This is the second 'episode' in Lottie and mine's organisation series. We hope you are enjoying it and if you haven't read the first one yet, click here! This week we are talking about Money and budgets. we have a few tips to give you to make sure your not bankrupt all the time! Enjoy...

Tip no.1
Use a notebook to record everything you buy and all of your pocket money that you get. Also, make sure you have a running total so you know how much you have. Pinning receipts into this notebook is also helpful to keep track of were you spend your money most. Here I drew up an example of how you might lay it out but you can experiment using whatever you wish. I did make it up so apologies if the amounts are wrong!!

Tip no.2
Have a purse with loose change in it. That way if your ever stuck in an emergency you have something with you at least. I always keep a maximum of £5 in there so not much. Often loose coins as well. I don't know how useful it would be to you guys but try it out!

Tip no.3
Set some money aside every so often to help you save up. We all have that one thing that's really expensive but we really want. Even if you don't have something now that you really want, you'll find something in the future. Instead of saving all your money, put small portions aside every so often. Slowly but surely you will have saved a considerable amount - if you stick to it!! A smash-able pot is a good method because once the moneys in, you can't keep dipping into it.x

Tip no.4
Separate your wants and your needs. Sometimes, when you have a limited budget, its hard to stop your self wanting to buy everything. In the same notebook that you keep track of your spending's in, make a 'would like' column and a 'need' column. If you can't figure out whether you need or would just really really like it, then go for a week or two without buying that product. Sometimes maybe even wait a month. After that figure out if your still desperate to buy that thing or if it would just be nice to have it.You can see in my example pictures that a new notebook was a want, but became a 'need;.x

Tip no.5
This one is all about I owe you's. Try and avoid them as much as possible being my first point. If you end up with lots of I.O.U it can get over whelming and it can also be a bit annoying. Make sure to bring your wallet everywhere with you so that you don't end up with that classic 'can you but it for me if i pay you back?😋' And if you do end up owing people money for whatever reason, be sure to write down their name, the date and the exact amount. Then cross it out when you've paid them back.x

Tip no.6
And finally, remember to set yourself limits. By doing this it stops you overspending and running out of money. If you are just starting out with a little extra money, then leave it a little while to figure out what you use and buy the most of. When you've figured that out, you can then but the limits on things that you buy such as clothes, shoes and makeup. Another benefit is that any extra money can go into your savings pot. Or you can use it to treat yourself!

I hope these hacks/tips helped you! Not all of them will work for everybody but just try them out and see.x If you've just found my blog be sure to check out some more.x My most popular blogs are on the side ⇢!
Love Sophie and Lottie.x
P.S sorry if the pictures aren't really 'blogging standard' but I tried.x